fila-logoinfoThe Republic of Bulgaria is situated in Southeast Europe in the centre of the Balkan Peninsula between Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey and the Black Sea. Total territory – 111 square km, population – 8 million. The climate is temperate continental. The country is member of the European Union. Currency – Lev (BGN) worth 0.51 Euro.

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, situated in the western part of the country at the foot of the Vitosha and the Lyulin mountains. Altitude – 500 m. above sea level. Population – 1,5m. Direct flights from/to London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Amsterdam, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Munich, Warsaw, Moscow, Kiev, Bucharest, Athens, Istanbul, Larnaca and Tel Aviv. Train, car and coach connections from and to all countries of Europe.







The European wrestling centre FILA/CELA in Sofia has been set up and is functioning with the unified efforts and continuous partnership of the International wrestling federation, its European council and the Bulgarian wrestling federation.
The centre is in operation all year round.






The Centre FILA/CELA in Sofia is situated and is operating on the premises of the National sporting centre “Diana”.
The Centre FILA/CELA is at the disposal of all athletes, coaches and specialists in wrestling from Europe as well as from other continents. Its working programme is confirmed by FILA and CELA).
The programme offers:
- short term, middle term and year-long preparation of female and male athletes (seniors, juniors, cadets) according to their level of skills;
- adequate and scientifically founded physical and medicament supported recovery of the trainees;
- constant medical control;
- methodic and scientific monitoring and analysis of the absolved preparation;
- training opportunity at sea level, at middle and high altitude;
- possibilities to take part in the national Bulgarian championships as well as in international tournaments staged in Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Romania and other countries;
- holding of discussions, consultations, stages and seminars for coaches, judges and others under the auspices of FILA and CELA;
- meetings of the leading and auxiliary organs of FILA and CELA;
- possibility to learn Bulgarian in special courses;
- visits to cultural and tourist places in Sofia and the country.

Two coaches (in Greco-Roman and Free Style Wrestling) confirmed by FILA, CELA and the Bulgarian WF are employed the whole year in the centre.





The trainees at the Centre FILA/CELA will be lodged with full board at the “Diana” hotel.
Rooms with one and two beds are equipped with TV sets and telephones.
Meals are served in a separate room of the hotel’s restaurant.
The Centre has its own transport facilities.




For the needs of the trainees are offered:
- a training hall with 6 mats and all necessary wrestling equipment;
- a gym;
- changing rooms with showers and toilets;
- medical cabinet and a sports medical centre;
- sauna and recovery centre;
- specialized scientific laboratory for wrestling;
- a lab for monitoring the functional status;
- conference rooms;
- offices for the coaches and the management;
- a covered and an open swimming pool;
- open sites for track & field, football, handball, tennis, etc.

Director of the Centre – Ivan Tzochev
Sofia 1172, “Pimen Zografski” 3
Phone: 359 88 8048899
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Centre Management – Bulgarian Wrestling Federation
1040 Sofia, boul. “Vassil Levski” 75
Phone: 359 2/9300 626; 9300 627
Fax: 359 2/980 64 79
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Training hall of the Centre
Sofia 1172, “Pimen Zografski” 3




Address: 75 Vasil Levski blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Tel.: + 359 2981 45 13,
Fax: + 359 2980 64 79
Web: www.bul-wrestling.org
e-mail: office@bul-wrestling.org


75 Vasil Levski blvd, Sofia 1040

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